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About Charite Leo

Leonie Tchatat wearing a Kevin Allwood dress and a Charite Leo Necklace

About Leonie

Born in Cameroon, Léonie Tchatat arrived in Canada as a young women at the age of 16 where she experienced many barriers in finding her place as a francophone woman in the Canadian society. Thanks to her perseverance and the support of her mentors she worked hard to build her intellectual human and social capital and today she is recognized in Canada and internationally for her social work and achievements.

With her passion to give back, in 2011, she decided to create Charité Leo to support a new vision of female leadership. Charité Léo s about leadership, opportunity and hope.

Our Impact

With the help of integrated networks, more than 1000 young women in Canada in Africa have become leaders in their own lives.


Thanks to the continued and targeted support of a mentor, each young woman is accompagnied throughout the enhancement of her skills and the development of strengths needed for her success.


Throughout group activities, young women indentify the obstacles they face and reaffirm their potential; reveal their individual and collective capabilities; and are brought to develop a sentiment towards being active and to have a positive vision for the future.


Centred on exchange, self-acceptance, and wellness, our workshops help young women to develop their self-love and self-esteem; to discover their resources and to value them in order to create a positive self-image and to affirm themselves on a social and professional context.

Leadership in Canada

Léo Charité leadership in Canada is about inspiring young francophone women to think critically about how they can better achieve their full potential and share a vision for their future. Through a wide range of initiatives by Charité Léo leadership, young women take their story, their own journey, challenges and accomplishments as an inspiration to encourage, engage and become a better version of themselves in order to become empowered.

Leadership in Africa

Charité Léo leadership in Africa vision is about providing fellowship programs, promoting sustainable education, in order for young African francophone women to untap their full potential and to contribute in the economic growth by becoming the next leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in their country.

How to Support Us

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