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Leadership Camp

The international transformative Leadership Camp is a unique program for young francophone women that combines wellness, self-esteem, and motivation:

  • A sharing of experiences with brand speakers
  • Discussions about the future of the young woman in society
  • Wellness activities (meditation, yoga, beauty)
  • Sports activities (canoeing, rock-climbing, volleyball)
  • Workshops of Personal Branding

These camps support the creation of an international movement and establish profound connections between young women in Canada and in Africa. They encourage these women to engage themselves at the heart of thei commmunity and create positive change in their lives and to have an impact in their society.


Master Classe MOI-ELLES

The Master Class MOI-ELLES is an innovative and creatif mean to offer young women a space where they can discover their full potential, strengthen their leadership skills and to nurture their confidence regarding their inner beauty.

They offer a series of tools and discussion on different themes presented by women leaders recognised in their respective sectors. The young women are asked to learn from the experiences of these speakers, to be inspired by their career paths, and foster discussions about their own ambitions for the future.

A genuine source of motivation regarding the values of Charite Leo, these Master Classes let young womend discover themselves and to obtain together a positive self-image.


Léonie Tchatat Taffo Grant

Each young girls holds within her a hope for the future! We believe in the importance of being attentive towards their initiatives and to be able to encourage them.
In 2017, the scholarship Léonie Tchatat Taffo was awarded to Inès for her experimental implication in cultural and social contexts at the heart of her school and her community.

This prize was created in 2017 to facilitate the creation of initiatives from young girls in Canada. Each year, Charité Léo recognises the accomplishments of one of these girls based on her merit and her actions. This awards gives the opportunity to receive the necassry support for the development of projects that the winner is interested in (funding, networks, coaching, etc.).
As well, the winner obtains an year of mentorship from the founder of Charité Léo and has the opportunity to be a part of exclusive events.

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