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Our Leadership in Africa

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Artisans in Cameroon

Since 2016, Charité Léo offers financial aid for the economic empowerment of 10 young women between the age of 18 and 25 years old.

In Cameroon, young women face many obstacles and experience many situations that are a risk to their health and financial stability. The young women that we accompany work in Yaoundé, in one of the poorest markets of the city, the Mfoundi market.


Schooling in Madagascar

The education of young girls can have a positive impact on the whole family; better health, nutrition and further education for their own children are all examples of this. Supporting the education of a child in Madagascar costs on average 100$. This financial support will let children acquire the knowledge they need to build their future while fighting against educational abandonment in an effective manner.

Each child will have a correspondant in Canada that will act as a mentor. Having this mentor will help them define their aspirations and to give them the confidence and ambition needed to build their future.

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Some pictures from our work in Africa